Entertainment Memorabilia, Guitar Amps & Effects - Including The Bernie Marsden Collection: Part I
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10th December 2020


“Being a professional musician for over 50 years now has led me to acquire all kinds of music gear and memorabilia. But, there comes a time in life when you need to properly assess and re-evaluate those items. All used, some possibly abused, loved, lost, recovered, bought on an impulse, a whim or simply desired at the time.

And so, in the strange year that has been 2020, I have had the time to realise that I have a LOT of now completely unused quality equipment.

Mainly amplifiers, speaker cabinets and accessories built up over the years.

Everything listed has been used either on the road or in the studio by myself.

The Whitesnake Marshall amps and cabs are probably the centrepiece, but all of this equipment has featured on a stage or in a studio at some point in my career.

A certificate of authenticity signed by myself will be included with each sale.

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