Pete Townshend's 1989 Takamine FP-360SC acoustic - Up for bids on 14th June 2023


11th May 2023

Gardiner Houlgate is delighted to announce the sale of a 1989 Takamine FP-360SC, formerly owned and used by Pete Townshend of The Who. The sale will take place on 14th June as part of a three day auction of over 1500 lots of guitars and related items, including other celebrity owned guitars and instruments.

Full lot details below. Full catalogue anticipated 26th May 2023.

Pete Townshend (The Who) - owned and used 1989 Takamine FP-360SC electro-acoustic guitar, made in Japan, ser. no. 89020364; Back and sides: rosewood, marks and wear showing general signs of use; Top: natural spruce, dings and marks from general play; Neck: a few dings and marks; Fretboard: rosewood, visible play wear; Frets: visible and general play wear throughout; Electrics: working; Hardware: good; Case: fitted hard case; Overall condition: good/used

*Formerly owned by Pete Townshend of The Who and one of many Takamine acoustic guitars that were used during his early endorsement period between 1986 and 1993. The FP360SC  cutaway Takamine's being the primary model Pete favoured and used on stage.

Inherited by the vendor from his friend 'Robert' who became acquainted with Pete Townshend in the 1990s. Following a break in at Robert's flat, where he had several possessions stolen, including his guitar, Pete kindly gifted this Takamine to him, knowing that he couldn't afford to replace his guitar himself.  

After Roberts passing, the vendor decided to research his friends account of being gifted the guitar by Pete. He wrote a letter and hand delivered it under his door on Saturday 28th July 2018. The following day he received a response via Pete's PA, Nicola Joss. In the email, Pete recalls gifting the guitar, remembering Robert as "a sweet man" and commenting on his passing that it was "such a pity that he didn't make it". Pete also explains that he did use Takamine's on stage for a while, although he unfortunately did not keep serial numbers. A digital photograph of this email is included in the sale. 

Two years later, the vendor sent Pete another email  dated Tuesday 17th November 2020, asking him if he would autograph his email to act as some proof that this guitar was indeed gifted to Robert; a reply was received, again from Pete's personal assistant Nicola Joss, confirming that the email was forwarded to Pete with a later email from Nicola confirming that Pete had signed the email which she would sent out in the post following receipt of his address. This  hand signed email is included in the sale and comes within an envelope addressed to the vendor from Eel Pie Studios dated 21st December 2020, along with an Eel Pie Studios compliment slip signed by Nicola Joss. Copies of the emails between the vendor and Nicola are also available. 

Records on The website in the section regarding Peter Townshend's Takamine guitars, a Takamine FP-360SC model is listed as 'used extensively on 1989 tour. Whereabouts unknown, but presumably still with Pete' .It is thought that this is possibly that guitar. Many live photos show Pete using this particular model from 1989 through to the early 1990s, including a Takamine guitar artist endorsement advert from the early 1990s.

Pete’s current guitar technician Simon Law has confirmed that this guitars serial number falls within the same range as other guitars of the period that were given to Pete as part of his Takamine artist endorsement. These guitars were all used in some capacity by Pete with The Who and in solo work in the late 1980s - early 1990s. A statement from Simon is included in the sale. 

The vendor has stated that although a wrench to see such a sentimental guitar go, he is now at a stage of his life that he feels it should be enjoyed by a Who fan rather than kept away in its case. 

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